BREAKING CLOUDS - The new album is out!

My new album - Breaking Clouds is out! It is an awesome album that features a collection of incredible and timeless songs, including the Rainbow Love and Ray of Light. Each song on the album provides a captivating and vivid soundtrack to a story and theme. The production for the album was carefully orchestrated and the songwriting creatively crafted to produce songs that are simply beautiful and infectious. But don't take my word for it, listen to the album on Spotify and other music platforms. Don't forget to share the album with friends. Always looking for new fans ;)

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Summer of Love Campaign

It's the summer and love is in the air. Can you feel it? Summer is a great time to experience love so please join me in the Summer of Love campaign - promoting our right to love who we want and how they want. #SummerofLove

To kick off the campaign, I released a new song called RAINBOW LOVE. This song is inspired by the different colors of love - across gender, race, religion, etc. Just as the rainbow shines through the sky, love is a powerful light that shines through all our differences.

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Love Never Felt So Good

After a year long break from music, I recently went into the studio to write the soundtrack to my love story - Love Never Felt So Good. Music is the soundtrack of life. This is the soundtrack of love. 

The RAY OF LIGHT Challenge

Make a short video about how you helped put a smile on someone's face and share it on your social media.


We DARE you to share a video of yourself dancing like this guy.

Challenge your friends and family to join in by nominating them on your social media.

Together, little by little, we can all make the world a better place.



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