George Guy

Hi, my name is George Guy and I am a music producer / songwriter /dreamer based out of New York City. I have been involved in music for a long time - honing my creative skillset over the last eight years.  


Music plays a very important role in my life; it is not just a form of entertainment for me. My connection with music is somewhat spiritual; it provides me with a medium to transport myself to places and times I envision. It is my own form of meditation. Music is the soundtrack of my life. 


I have big dreams of where music can take me and I am confident that music will continue to play a key role in my life. As those dreams unfold, I want to continue to write/produce songs that are timeless and memorable. I spend inordinate amounts of time and effort, writing and producing songs that can stand above all the clutter of songs that constantly bombard the airwaves.  


I hope my passion and dedication to my craft is evident in the quality of songs I create. There's always room for me to grow as an artist but I am confident that at any point in time, I am at my best as a producer/songwriter. I am also humbled because I know my best work as an artist is always ahead of me. 


I am always looking for collaborations and engagements that give me the opportunity to make great music so please do not hesitate to contact me. It's all about the music!

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